First Dates❤︎

does anyone else find going on dates the most nerve wracking awkward thing ever?

I’m laying here just watching first dates and thinking of the first ever date I went on.

I was 17 and the guy (who is now my ex) I went on a date with at the time was obviously ‘cute’ and ‘charming’ and ‘gave me butterflies’. he was practically my first love.

we met through a mutual friend of my sisters.

thinking of our date, as a 17 year old it was quite nerve wracking, I had never been on a date before. when we originally arranged it I was so excited but as it came nearer I started shitting bricks.  At the time i was like ‘what the hell do I wear’ or ‘how do I wear my hair’ it was just utter chaos in my mind.

but now I cant even remember what I wore 😛

we decided to go bowling… yeah I know typical dating scene at that age LOL. we had a good time to be fair. I’m not sure why but at one point we went to get a milkshake and we sat down and he thought it would be fun.. wait for it.. to show me ALL his pictures on his phone.. yaah.. I dont know either.

we did end up dating, I fell a bit head over heels and he broke my heart 4 months later.

In all fairness, looking back I don’t regret it because it wasn’t a bad date and also without that little heartbreak I wouldn’t be who I am today and I wouldn’t be with the amazing man I am with.

So my question to you guys is..

looking back on your ‘dating experiences’ would you say you regret some/many? or have they made you the person you are today?

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Thanks for reading


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