Introducing Me.

Hello to all readers!

Welcome to my blog, my very FIRST blog! so go easy on me haha!

My name is Megan and I’m 21 years old. I’m 5ft nothing and have a short temper.. haha get it 😉

I’ve done all the studying, went to college and got my Animal Care level 2 and Animal Management Level 3, had the gap year and done nothing productive, tried university.. hated it and left and now here I am!

I’m currently working at a veterinary practice but very much still finding my feet.

The whole reason I’m starting this blog is to kind of try something new.. I’ve always wanted to blog but never really had the balls to try. so here I am! I’m giving it a go.



so this is going to be nothing compared to anyone else’s who go full shebang!

I will be writing allsorts on here, from family to boyfriend to work to just everything in general.

So I hope you enjoy the next excerpt of my new project (this blog) and I hope you stay tuned!

Thanks for reading




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