Mental Health Awareness Week – My Own Battles👊🏻

Mental health is a major subject that gets very little attention, many people go through mental health and are not recognised or helped at all.

I too suffer from mental health and not alot of people know. I suffer from anxiety but i never actually felt that i could go to anyone hense why people tend to not know.

For me, my trigger started at school.

Being bullied was what started my anxiety.

It happened for a good few months where i wouldn’t want to go in to school and the people who were bullying me, being in a school where i would have to see them 5 days a week made me feel ridiculously uncomfortable, like i had no escape.  They bullied me on how i looked and my size, all the things that made me different to them.

To them i was weak, it made me an easy target.

Eventually it did stop.

I pushed through and put a brave face on, brushed it under the carpet and carried on with life.

Since then, my body has under gone alot of changes, this happened to be another trigger for my anxiety.

My skin started breaking out alot more than usual and for me being bullied over how i looked, this really mattered to me.

I had acne.

My face was so sore and spotty. I was so worried to go out because i didnt want anyone to see me. At this point i was with my boyfriend adam, i would constantly ask him do you still love me like this? Like it was something so unlovable.. which is ridiculous because it shouldnt matter, but to me it was the worst thing in the world to happen.

I would cake my face in foundation and concealer just to attempt to make it less red but of course it made everything worse, more spots would appear and i would become more anxious.

If that wasnt bad enough i also suffer for eczema.

So whilst i was dealing with the anxiety with my face, my eczema started to flare up and it was really bad and so painful, it was weepy and and cracking and it was in the worst place (no not there haha). It was on my hands.

You do everything with your hands and everyone see’s your hands so thats when anxiety really kicked in. I wanted it to go so bad and for something not really major, it got to me.

Living in a generation where everything is about looking good it really does affect you mentally.

Fortunately, my anxiety isnt so severe as other peoples. Some people’s anxiety dont allow them to leave there house. Its not something you should think of lightly, it really can destroy you.

Mental illness SHOULD NOT be pushed to the side or taken lightly, it kills people and that should not be there last resort. They should have resources of support and help in order to live there lives.

Im thankful for the great support system that im luck enough to have.

My friends were always there to tell me its okay.

My boyfriend was there to tell me i was beautiful no matter what i looked like.

I also have a life coach, Amy. She is there to help me see a different but more positive perspective about situations i struggle with.

So for anyone reading this that suffers from anxiety, has acne or eczema, i know what your going through and there is light at the end of the tunnel, it DOES get better.

My face isnt perfect now, i still get the spots here and there. My eczema isnt as bad but my skin can get a bit dry, but i am in control. I still get anxiety now, especially when im in a place i dont want to be, ive learned to tackle it and allow myself to move forward.

If you want to talk or would like some support, do not hesistate to contact me!

Im all ears👂🏻✌🏻

Thanks for reading


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