Half way there!

Hola my fellow bloggers!

hale the lord its Wednesday! we are half way through and nearing the weekend! woooo!  i don’t know about you but I can’t wait for Friday to rock on up and let me know the weekend has started!

How has every ones week been so far?

My week has been draining. I don’t think I’ve been so tired, all it’s been is work work work.

My best friend, Georgia is coming down tomorrow and boy am i excited! The last time i saw that little jelly bean was in march, it feels like a life time ago. its going to be so good.

She is currently on her 2nd year going into 3rd soon at the university of Chester doing dance.. yes she’s amazing at it and to you guys that could be biased because shes my bestie but she really is!

We are also meeting our other best friend Chloe, who by the way is a make up genius! if anyone needs make up doing for weddings, parties and proms, let me know and i can pass you the details. shes worth it!

My girls ❤ 

anyway we are going out Friday night to croydon, the most ‘amazing nightlife’ there is :’) (sarcasm intended) aha its going to be such a laugh, its been so long since we’ve been out on a night out! there is going to be a whole load of drinking, dancing and pictures throughout the night. That is standard for us 😛

I went for a job interview 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting to hear back, who knew that waiting for a company to get back to you about weather your successful or not could be this agonizing, im impatient as it is so that puts me on my toes even more! I literally keep staring at my phone waiting for their call. its so nerve wracking especially when you really want it! I will update you all with good or bad news 🙂 😦

So this week has just been a waiting game and I feel like its going to drag until i find out if i have been successful. I mean the job i’m in now i was having troubles with but as things are starting to turn a corner, maybe its worth staying… but then i think it’s only turned a corner because i haven’t been at the practice. I’ve been floating around the other practices to cover holiday and it’s been great, but i generally feel like that’s because im not at the main practice.

There will be a blog post soon about a particular topic, i know this was quite generic but there will general updates of how the weeks gone for me and little things like this.

stay tuned and I hope everyone’s week is going well!

Thanks for reading






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