Pray for Manchester ❤

Yesterday was a very sad day.

The horrific event that unexpectedly took place and made innocent people victims of an inhumane crime.

For these mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers and good friends, it was like a normal day. They didn’t think they wouldn’t be seeing loved ones again or that they would end their nights in a hospital in pain and scarred mentally from a traumatic scene that they had no choice to see and experience. No, for the people in Manchester, who had purchased an Ariana Grande concert ticket believed they were going to have the time of their life that night.

At approximately 10:33 pm, disaster struck for these fans.

An individual who has now been identified, and is in fact English born, introduced into extremist behavior decided he had the right to take lives and cause destruction to Manchester.

No one saw it coming and nor should they have to. People shouldn’t have to think about these things happening at such a happy moment. Going to a concert should be full of happiness and yet it was taken away just like that, LIVES were taken away just like that.

I couldn’t believe the story when i heard, it broke my heart that a person could be that selfish, a person could be that inhumane to take away lives, but that is not even the worst bit, they were children. they had barely even lived.

The youngest being 8 years old. Saffie Rose Roussos. That little girl being that young and only just experiencing what a concert would be like, especially for a star so big like Ariana Grande. You can just imagine a girl of that age being so excited to see her favorite artist in concert to then have it destroyed and her life taken away in a split second. I have the deepest sympathy for her family. I cant fathom the hurt they must be feeling right now. That young girl did not deserve to end her life like that. She did not deserve to have her future stripped away without her consent or a choice in the matter. She was 8. EIGHT.

Then you have a girl who was in the midst of her teenage years. 18 years old. Georgina Callander. She was in sixth form studying for nursing and she was just legal to go out and party like an 18 year old should but yet again her life was taken way too soon. It is just a travesty. A young girl also wanting to just enjoy a concert with an artist whom she loved and got to meet was taken away from her family and friends and it breaks my heart.

These 2 young girls are just two of the fatalities that this young man caused with his rucksack/backpack. 2 out of 22. I have seen the video and i have the heard what the explosion sounded like from them and i got chills. All i could think about was the panic of the people who got injured, who lost someone and who died. It makes me physically sick.

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Watching the news today was a delight, They showed a community coming together, grieving together and standing together, although sad they are not letting this defeat them. I stand and pray with Manchester as losing someone close to your heart is not the easiest thing, its hard and it takes time.

I hope Manchester and the people that have lost loved ones or still trying to find loved ones and also people that were injured from this tragic incident are okay.

I know nothing can repair the damage this person has done, there will be scars and it will be hard but there is support out there and for anyone who saw it, was injured or who have been deeply effected by the deaths of these people. Talk to someone, whether its a therapist, your friends and family or a stranger, Don’t live in fear and don’t feel like you have to hold it in.

For all the people that are like me and seeing it from the news and don’t live in Manchester – this site is to donate money to support families of those killed and injured in the Manchester Arena attack, so far the total is £1,133,933 and its still growing.

I pray for all of those effected and send my love to all.

RIP to all that were taken on the 22/05/17 ❤



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