Dear Anxiety…

Dear Anxiety. I am writing to youĀ as you areĀ hosting inside my brain and causing havoc to my emotions, my mental state and my physical state. You emerged slowly throughout the years. Through school when I was bullied to now where I am insecure and don't particularly like myself. You have seen that I am weak, … Continue reading Dear Anxiety…


Menorca 2017šŸŒž

Holaaaaa it's fridaaaaay!ā¤ Hope everyone else is as excited as mwaaah! even though I'm working Saturday morning loool. soĀ I said I was going to do a holiday postĀ about howĀ mine and adam's first hot holidayĀ turned outĀ and how it went etcĀ etc so here it goes! The airport on the way there actually went so smoothly. Smoother than … Continue reading Menorca 2017šŸŒž

Mental Health Awareness Week – My Own BattlesšŸ‘ŠšŸ»

Mental health is a major subject that gets very little attention, many people go through mental health and are not recognised or helped at all. I too suffer from mental health and not alot of people know. I suffer from anxiety but i never actually felt that i could go to anyone hense why people … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week – My Own BattlesšŸ‘ŠšŸ»