Catching up 👋🏼💗

Welcome back! I hope you are all well and welcome back to my blog. Again I haven't been regularly blogging like I said I would which I am really sorry for but a lot of things have been happening. Some good some not so good but easy to move on from. Lets start off with the … Continue reading Catching up 👋🏼💗


Menorca 2017ğŸŒž

Holaaaaa it's fridaaaaay!❤ Hope everyone else is as excited as mwaaah! even though I'm working Saturday morning loool. so I said I was going to do a holiday post about how mine and adam's first hot holiday turned out and how it went etc etc so here it goes! The airport on the way there actually went so smoothly. Smoother than … Continue reading Menorca 2017ğŸŒž