I think the title says it all really... Don't you think? Mental Health Awareness. Something that is taken very lightly. Did you know... About 800,000 people commit suicide every year due to mental health and can you guess who were most likely to do it? well here is the percentage.. 75% were MEN and 25% … Continue reading #MentalHealthAwarenessDay


Hello October! šŸŽƒšŸ

Hello & Welcome Back! I hope your all doing well! Pinch Punch FIRST day of the month! It's October!šŸŽƒ Autumn leaves, Halloween, Cosy & Toasty movie nights and last but not least CHRISTMASšŸŽ„! I couldn't think of anything better! Autumn/Winter is my absolute favourite time of year mostly because I know my birthday is at … Continue reading Hello October! šŸŽƒšŸ